B. K. Hagger & Son

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Instrument shown is from the collection of the National Museum of American History, a division of the Smithsonian Institution


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Boston, Massachusetts

Baltimore Maryland


BENJ. K. HAGGER & SON (1824 - 1838)

[John W. Hagger]

Baltimore, Maryland


JOHN W. HAGGER (1805 - 1858)

Baltimore, Maryland



Newport, Rhode Island

Boston, Massachusetts

"Benjamin King Hagger was probably the son of William Guyse Hagger and Mary or Mehitable King, who were daughters of Benjamin King.  He may have been born in Newport in 1769.  He died in Baltimore on November 8, 1834.

The Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser of November 11, 1834, states that he was sixty-five years old, formerly of Massachusetts, but 18 years a resident of Baltimore.

He is listed in the Boston City directory of 1798 as a mathematical instrument maker, Ann Street.

He is not listed in the 1803 directory or any subsequent one.  No 101, page 298, states "William King Hagger of Boston and Mehitable Ballard of Framingham were married October 6, 1796" The marriage intention reads 'Benjamin King Hagger'.  Mehitable Ballard was the granddaughter of Samuel Ballard of Boston."

"**William Guyse Hagger is listed in Newport (Rhode Island) directory of 1774, his family consisting of himself, his wife, 5 children (two boys, three girls) and a negro servant.  He is not listed in the 1790 census of Newport.  He is listed in the Boston City directory in 1789 as a mathematical instrument maker on Ann Street (the 1789 directory was the first directory of Boston).  In the June 1796 Boston directory he is listed:  Hagger, William G., mathematical instrument maker, Ann Street, house Ship Street.  (**William Guyse Hagger was probably born in Newport about 1748, the son of William Hagger and Mary Knowlton who were married at Trinity Church in Newport on November 7, 1734.)"

"John W. Hagger was born in Massachusetts in 1805 and died in Baltimore in 1858.  The Baltimore directories list Benj. K. Hagger & Son, as mathematical instrument makers form 1824 to 1838.  They are listed at 57 South Street from 1833 to 1838."

Reference:  Smart, Charles E.  The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700  Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962



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