Eckel & Imhof

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ECKEL & IMHOF (1875-1877)


Frederick Eckel (1835-1898)

Herman Imhof (1847-  ? )


"New York City directories:  1875-76 Eckel & Imhof math ins 16 Burling Slip, 1876-77 Eckel & Imhof surveying inst 16 Burling Slip."


"Frederick Eckel was born in New York City on February 11, 1835 and died there on April 23, 1898.  The San Francisco directory of 1865 lists:  Eckel, Frederick, salesman 411 Sansom dwg.  162 Tehama.  The New York City directories lists as follows:  1873-77 Eckel, Frederick, surveying insts. 16 Burling sl.  1878-95 Eckel F & Co. math insts.  16 Burling sl.  1895-96 Eckel Fred surveyors insts. 101 Beekman, 1896-97 Eckel Ferd h. Hotel Arlington B'klyn.  Extracts from Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 26, 1898 "Frederick Eckel attended Cooper Institute and graduated from there at an early age.  When the Civil War broke out he went to the front and served three years on the Saranac, which at the time was in the Pacific squadron.  After the war he entered the employ of Schuyler, Harvey and Graham in San Francisco, and for five years was the head of the department where civil engineers' and surveyors' instruments were manufactured.  When her severed his connection with that firm he came to New York and started in business for himself, on Broadway, in the building where he was located at the time of his death.  He was a veteran of the Fifth Company of the old Seventh Regiment, and was also a member of Lafayete Post, G.A.R., Dewitt Clinton Council, R.A., and the American Legion of Honor.""


"Herman Imhof is first listed in the New York City directories in 1872-73 as an optician.  1873-74 Imhof, Herman, surveying instruments 16 Burling St.  1875-77 Eckel & Imhof, surveying insts 16 Burling St.  1877-1887 math inst and optician alternating Brooklyn directories, 1888-18941 Imhof, Herman, optician in Brooklyn.  The 1880 Federal Census of June New York City.  Imhof, Herman age 33 born in Wurlemberg, Germany."


Reference:  Smart, Charles E.   The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700  Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962 



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