Edmund Brown & Son

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Edmund Brown & Son  (1841-1863)

Edmund Brown (1800 - ?)

Bush G. Brown (1820-1863)


"Edmund Brown was born in Connecticut in 1800.  He probably died in January 1867.  His will was probated in Elizabeth, New Jersey on February 7, 1867.  Bush G. Brown was born in New York City in 1820.  He died on April 18, 1863.  The following from New York City directories:  1821-33 Brown Edmund, math inst. mkr;  1834-35 Brown & Hunt, math inst. mkr 190 Water;  1835-36 Brown & Hunt, math inst mkr 27 Fulton;  1838-40 Brown, Edmund math insts 27 Fulton;  1840-41 Brown, Edmund & Son math insts 27 Fulton, Brown, Edmund and Brown, Bush G.;  1840-63 Brown, Edmund & Son math instruments 27 Fulton h [home] Brooklyn;  1863-64 Brown, Edmund math insts 27 Fulton h N. J."


"There is an E. Brown & H. W. Hunt broadside which states that 'Mr. Brown has been in the employment of Mr. R. Patten for the last 20 years with whom he served a regular apprenticeship'.  Dated May 1, 1835 No. 27 Fulton Street, New York City.  Thus it is evident that Edmund Brown commenced as an apprentice with Richard Patten in 1815."

Reference:  Smart, Charles E.   The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700  Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962  



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