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Snoopy Cartoon Snoopy Golf Survey Swamp Surveyor Field Motorcycle Valentine Valentine
Old Cartoon Hagar The Horrible

The following group of cartoons are not necessarily humorous, but are interesting nonetheless because they depict tidbits of history surrounding the surveying and establishment of Washington, D.C.  Such notable people as Benjamin Banneker, Andrew Ellicott, David Rittenhouse, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson are mentioned........

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Benjamin Banneker Banneker's Observatory Ellicotts Geographer General Ellicott's Survey Party Cornerstone
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Banneker's Almanac Additional Duties Sabotage! Figures Wrong! Speculators Ellicott's Career Lawyers were Illegal

Excerpted from Flashbacks Volume One, "A Cartoon History of DC" by Patrick M. Reynolds; Published by The Red Rose Studio, Willow Street, Pennsylvania. 1995


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