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Links to Historical Societies as well as Museums that are associated to surveying.


Museum of Surveying in Michigan

A museum in Lansing, Michigan devoted to the presentation of surveying history


Surveyors Historical Society

 A society dedicated to the preservation of  the history of the science of surveying.


History of the National Geodetic Survey

Featuring an album of historical images, biographies, stories & tales, historical map & chart collection and much more

Washington Map Society

A society focused on cartography, its

history and collecting of maps.


The Oughtred Society

A society devoted to slide rule

collectors and historians.


Calculating Machines

Website devoted to collecting calculating

devices and associated information.


The Library of Congress - Geography & Map Division

Online Map Collections 1544-1999;

various subjects including: Discovery & Exploration, Military Battles & Campaigns, Cities & Towns, Cultural Landscape, Transportation & Communication.


National Museum of American History - Surveying & Geodesy Collection

Website describing the surveying / geodesy collection of the Smithsonian Institute


The Antique Telescope Society, Inc.

Society interested in astronomical instruments history and discovery, the history of optics and the preservation and use of those antique instruments through stewardship and education.

Virtual Surveying Instrument Collection

University of New South Wales, Sydney



Features links to websites of both actual and virtual museums.


Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society

An organization focusing on the preservation of surveying history primarily in northern California


Mapping and Surveying History International Limited

Several pictures of interesting instruments


Commerce Standards (Common Weights & Measures for Traffic)

Descriptions of various standards of measure, including the Gunter chain, Rathborne chain

and Wing chain


The Encyclopedia of Land Surveying Links  

Index of links for surveying information


Oregon Trail Mercantile's Virtual Compass Museum

A compilation and virtual collection of compasses to aid in identification

and valuation.


Kornelia and Lisa's Pocket Compass Guide

Concentrates on pocket compasses manufactured between 1900 and 1920. 

Offers pocket compasses for sale too.


Ripro Corporation, Japan

Japanese company that makes survey markers. Has a few pics of their marker museum





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