Rittenhouse & Evans

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(Benjamin Rittenhouse & Benjamin Evans)

Full size vernier / variation compass, late 18th century


Excerpted from an article by Bruce R. Forman, "The Worcester Workshop of Benjamin Rittenhouse", published in the journal RITTENHOUSE, Vol. 2, No. 3, May 1988.

"Potts' vacancy at the Rittenhouse shop was quickly filled by Benjamin Evans (1776-1836), and compasses signed "Rittenhouse & Evans" were soon forthcoming.  Benjamin Evans was a nephew of Benjamin Rittenhouse -- the son of his sister Eleanor and Daniel Evans, a Philadelphia blacksmith. [9]  The Evans family relocated to David Rittenhouse's farm at Norriton [Pennsylvania] in late 1791 or early 1792, [10] probably to enable their 14 year old son to apprentice under his uncle in nearby Worcester Township."


[9]  Daniel K. Cassel, Origin and History of the Rittenhouse Family (Philadelphia, 1893), p. 213, and The Family of Matthias Rittenhouse (Norristown, 1897), pp. 14-15

[10]  Norriton Township Tax Records




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