A Mystery Compass

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  Robert Baldwin of Kentucky is the proud owner of a compass with a mysterious past.  First, a few basics about the compass.  It is a pre-1880 Gurley compass that has further engravings on the face indicating that it was sold by Queen & Co. and the base plate is fully plated, probably in nickel, rather than being bare brass.

Now for the mystery.  His father was tearing down an old house in the early 1960's and discovered this compass with its box and "jacob" staff hidden in a wall, fully plastered over and long forgotten.  The obvious questions are why, when and by whom.  

Perhaps you have an idea about the circumstances and events that may have led up to the fascinating mystery of this compass.  Why not compose a short fictional story about it and submit it to the Curator!  We plan to post as many of these stories as space will allow.  

We may never know the actual story of this compass, but our imagination can wander freely.


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