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T. Blunt (Cornhill, London)

Author:  Francois "Bud" Uzes


Thomas Blunt was at first apprenticed to London instrument maker Edward Nairne and later became his partner under the name, Nairne and Blunt.  The two were reportedly together as far back as 1775.  The partnership broke up in 1793 at which date Blunt continued making instruments with the signature, T. Blunt, Cornhill, London.  This lasted until he was joined by his son in 1805.  Instruments beginning at that date are usually marked T. Blunt & Son although some are reported as T. & T. Blunt.  The exact relationship between the variant names is not positively known.  "(Blunt)....was an instrument maker of distinction:  he was associated with the Portuguese scientist J. H. de Magellan and devised some of the features of Magellan's 'New Barometer'....."  (Goodison), as quoted from Ray Giordano's The Antiquarian Scientist, Catalog 10.



We are unable to determine if T. Blunt made the pictured compass, but believe it to be a possibility.




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