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"Samuel Blydenburgh; if the age was correctly stated at the time of his death, was born circa 1802.  Nothing has been found to indicate under whose instruction he received his training or when and where he first became employed as a mathematical instrument maker.  He died in Philadephia in 1852.

The earliest definite record appeared in "The Philadelphia Circulating Business Directory, for 1838", arranged by J. R. Savage, page 103:  "BLYDENBURGH & GILES, Mathematical Instrument Makers, AT THE NAUTICAL STORE, No. 130 South Front St. near the Drawbridge, Philadelphia.  Levels, Theodolites, Tunnelling, Transit, and Angular Instruments.  NONIUS COMPASS and PLAIN COMPASS, Target Rods, Surveyor's Chains, & c. & c. N. B. Instruments made to order, and the strictest attention paid to their repairs and adjustments." 

The Philadelphia City directories list as follows:

1839  Giles, E., math ins. mr, Front above Dock h Vernon

1840-42  Blydenburgh & Giles, math ins. mkrs, 130 S. Front

1842 Giles, Edward, Math ins mr, 130 S. Front, h 9 Vernon

1843 Giles, Edward, Math ins mr, Vernon

1844 Blydenburgh, Samuel, math ins mr, Baker below 8th

1844-1850 Giles, Edward, math ins mr, 257 Catharine.


Apparently, the firm was of short duration.  Its dissolution prior to 1847, as in that year the following change was noted:  

1847 Blydenburgh & Hyde, machinists, 1 Fetter Lane

1847 Blydenburgh, Samuel, 1 Fetter Lane, h 121 Noble

1847 Hyde, Joseph, machinist, 1 Fetter Lane, h Cresson's alley

Reference:  Smart, Charles E.   The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700  Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962 



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