H. M. Pool

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Horace Minot Pool was born in Easton Massachusetts in 1803 and died there in 1878.  He was in partnership with his brother, John Pool, under the firm name of J. & H. M. Pool.  In 1878, John Murray Pool, son of John, took over the business.  In the history of Easton published in 1886 the following paragraph appears on page 591.

"In the south part of the town, in the year 1828, J. & H. M. Poole began the manufacture of mathematical instruments on a small scale.  A strong prejudice for foreign-made instruments was only slowly overcome.  Poole's work was said not only to equal but even to excel the imported.  In 1878, John M. Poole, who had for twenty-five years been foreman, succeeded to the business.  He manufacturers surveyor's transits, builder's levels, land and telescopic compasses, and many other instruments of this kind."

Descendants of the Pool's, as well as others, often spelled the name Poole.

Reference:    Smart, Charles E.    The Makers of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700   Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.   1962


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