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16th Century Surveyorsby Sarah Hughes

A. Brown Artifactsby Dale Beeks

A Fine Old Line Across New Jersey,   by Fred J. Aun

A Good Memoryby A. Carl Wolfe

American RR Goniometer  by Dale Beeks

Art of Instrument Makingby David St. John

Attitude and Longitudeby David Alan Grier

Building the Erie Canalby Mary M. Root

California Plummet-Lampby Dale Beeks

Carl Friedrich Gauss - Mathematician, Astronomer, Surveyorby Fred Roeder

Cecil Hanson - Note To A Friend

Changing Chains

Charles Babbageby Mary M. Root

Civil War:  Surveying for Robert E. Lee

Connectionsby John R. Stock

Conservation of Instruments - Part 1by David St. John

Conservation of Instruments - Part 2by David St. John

Conservation of Instruments - Part 3by David St. John

Cook & Peary - The Polar Controversy Resolvedreviewed by Ken Ringle


Distance Across A Riverby Wilhelm Schmidt

Edmund Gunter - Mathematician & Inventor

Egyptian Surveying Toolsby Mary M. Root

El Dorado Springs, Missouriby Dennis D. Bland

Ellis Island Dispute by Joan Biskupic

Eugene Scheel:  Historical Mapmakerby Ray Linville

Evolution of the Transitby Dale Beeks

Field Wear: Authenticating Old Instrumentsby David St. John

Fire Insurance Maps in the Library of CongressBy Walter W. Ristow

Geodetic Diplomacy

George N. Saegmullerby Mary M. Root

Great Theodolite

Greenville and Grouseland Treaty Linesby Roger Woodfill

The Heliotropeby Dale R. Beeks

How The Road Got Its Name

Instrument Makers:  Ainsworth & Brunton

Instrument Makers:  Theodore Alteneder

Instrument Makers:  Chandleeby Dale Beeks

Instrument Makers:  Frederick J. Emmerichby Dale Beeks

Instrument Makers:  The Haggars,   by Dale Beeks

Instrument Makers:  John Locke

Instrument Makers:  William A. Schmolzby Dale Beeks

Intro to Antique Surveying Instruments,   by David Garcelon

Jacob Blattner Compassby David St. John

Jacob's Staffby David G. Krehbiel

Jean Baptiste Delambre

John Harrison's Timepiece,   by John N. Wilford

Jonathan Danforth (1628-1712)

Lewis & Clark's Encampmentby Richard L. Hill

Lincoln:  Logs to Logarithmsby Neil Koos

Lincoln The Surveyorby Carl Sandburg

Line of Demarcation & Ellicott's Surveyby Greg Spies

London Antique Map Shopsby Timothy Harper

Louisiana Purchase State Park,   by Mike Trimble

Measuring Angles

Newly Discovered Hondius Mapby Paul E. Cohen & Robert T. Augustyn 

North Carolina - South Carolina Boundary Commission Report

Pennsylvania Methodby Wilhelm Schmidt

Peter Jeffersonby Mary M. Root


Powell's Expedition of the Colorado Riverby R. Zimmerman & M. Root

Preservation In A Nutshell

Public Land Survey: Where the land came fromby Rick Zimmerman         

Rails & Roads:  The Canada Road 1817,   by Barry H. Rodrique

Refine Your Collectionby Alvin Sellens

Relocating Eden - And Other Impossible Tasks

Restoration - Update on Surveyor's Compass

Roman Glory:  Hadrian's Wallby Mary M. Root

Roman Surveying

Saegmuller Attachment

Shovels and Plumb Bobsby Rollin C. Curd

Sir George Everest and Survey of Indiaby Mary M. Root

Song of Surveyors, 1730

South Carolina:  Early Surveying Historyby Louise Pettus

Stakes Outgun Colt Revolver

Steel Tape

Survey Marker Bewitched Indians

Surveying Chokoloskee's Wilderness Worldby Joe Knetsch

Surveyor Has Fought Off Guns, Dogs, Irate Owners

Surveyor General Instructionsby F. D. "Bud" Uzes

Surveyor General Rufus Putnamby Norm Caldwell

Surveyor's Chain

Symmes Purchase,   by C. Albert White

Tacheometerby Wilfred Airy

The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain 

The Point of No Surveyby Manuel Gutierrez

The Standard Meter

Trials and Tribulations of Thomas Smithby Hugh B. Goebelle

Trolley As Cost Efficient Transitby Rick Zimmerman

Virginia and North Carolina Boundary Line,   by Mary M. Root

Virginia Fishing Feudby Spencer S. Hsu

What Did They Do After Lunch? - George Washington's Journal

"Who Killed Who? Where?"

Why the Midwest Is Squareby Gene Logsdon

Wooden Surveying Compassesby David G. Krehbiel

You Can't Build That Mosque With A Compass





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